Library - Mrs. Mourkakos and Mrs. Siegel

Mrs. Siegel is a volunteer librarian. She likes to read about different cultures, for example, she reads books about her Jewish culture and many other cultural stories. Mrs. Siegel travels a lot and has been to almost every state in the country. From her trips she brings back artifacts and tells us useful information about the places she has visited. Mrs. Siegel is a fun person to learn from through her exciting adventures.     

Mrs. Mourkakos (AKA Mrs. Cookie) is our librarian at the Mozart school. She always has a smile on her face when you enter the library.  She always has a way of making the school read more. She is kind-hearted and sweet. The Mozart has an extensive collection of books, from poetry to science, nature to cooking, easy readers to JK Rowling, and presidents to voting.