In March we went to the Old South Meeting House. We went downtown on the bus and train. First we performed a play about the colonists and loyalists arguing about tea taxes.  Then we learned about the building.  Many famous people went to the Meeting House, which was a church.  Benjamin Franklin and Phyllis Wheately were baptized there. Then we saw lots of old artifacts that they found around the building, like a horse shoe and some real tea from the Boston Tea Party.

We went to the Granary Burial Ground, where Samuel Adams, Mother Goose and Paul Revere were buried. Then we went to the Green Dragon Tavern, where the Sons of Liberty had secret meetings.  Then we followed the Freedom Trail to Kings Chapel, Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market where we had lunch.  During all of this, we were looking for items for a scavenger hunt.

We had a historical day!!!

The Old South Meeting House