Our Trip to The Bunker Hill Monument and U.S.S. Constitution

    Our class went to the Bunker Hill Monument. It is a monument that was made to remember the battle of Bunker Hill. The battle didn't really happen on Bunker Hill it happened on Breeds Hill. The reason why the monument is on Bunker Hill is because the battle was supposed to happen there. We climbed all 294 steps, up and down. We counted them just to make sure.  Before we climbed the monument we went to the Bunker Hill Monument museum and learned lots of cool things. We saw a visual of the battle that had the soundtrack from The Whites of Their Eyes. The museum was AMAZING. I think everyone in our class enjoyed it.

    Wait did you think we were finished? There was more to the trip then that. We also went to the U.S.S. Constution ship and museum.  It's the oldest war ship in the world that is still in commission. On the war ship we saw cannons and navy men and woman. Any time a sailor would come on or off board they would salute. We also saw the ship's wheel that they used to steer the ship.

   This trip was phenomenal and very educational. I wish we could go again RIGHT NOW!!!!!!