See You Later, friends


Our Friends Maeve and Rosalyez left the fifth grade recently.

Maeve was the last K1 survivor, in our class. she always had a lot of energy, and brought joy to all of us. Her favorite games at recess were Kickball, and 4-Square. Although she will be at the Kilmer, we will still see her often. We will miss her.

Rosalyez has only been at the Mozart since 4th grade, but we feel like we have known her for a lifetime. She is always energetic and always makes us laugh. Her favorite games at recess are 4-square and kickball. We will still see her often and keep in touch. We will miss you Rosalyez.

Good Luck, Maeve and Rosalyez (we do not think you will need it though :-).  You are golden friends!