Goodbye Mr. Brown

     April 29, 2009 was Mr. Brown’s last day! We had a BIG party for him, and made a big banner that has in huge, bold letters: MR. BROWN, with other comments like "#1 Teacher!"  We also made a big card thanking Mr. Brown. It was made of 2 poster boards. 2 students worked on it.  We had a surprise party for him. We had a fake extra recess, and while they were out, 4 people stayed in and put blue tablecloths on the 2 groups of desks, and put baseball clappers and noisemakers on everyone’s desks. We had a big cake, 4 huge bags of  chip , Pepsi-Cola, sugar cookies, pizza, ice cream, eyeball candies, and Mrs. McGann bought gifts that prepared him for becoming a teacher. Mr. Brown was really surprised!!! We made him a scrapbook, which had our field trips, fun activities we did with him, and at the end we wrote comments and our signatures.

      We will sure miss Mr. Brown