There once was a man named Mr. Brewer,
He had a tremendous sense of humor
    He does not have pets
    But never frets
He always gets addressed as Mr. "Sir!"

There once was a girl named Sophie,
She is nice and such a cutie.
    She likes to eat
    And is petite
She was so good at math she won a trophy.

There once was a girl named Wendy
Who refused to eat red, hot chilli,
    She loves cake
    But cannot bake
She loves meatballs and spaghetti!

There once was a teacher named Mrs. McGann,
Who had a very good devilish plan.
    She would buy a charm
    That would bring no harm.
And she wouldn’t get hurt when away she ran.

 There once was a girl named Cathryn
 Who had a pet bottled nose dophin
    It swam around
    The water would pound
 From the wake of its very big fin.

 There once was a girl named Juliana,
 Who wanted to eat a yellow banana.
    She ate a chicken
    It was finger lickin’
 Around her head she wears a purple bandana.