Mr. Pinto

Mr. Pinto was the 5th grade's student teacher in 2006. He is a football player for Curry College.  Mr. Pinto is a very nice man. He is well mannered, a good influence to younger children and he enjoys teaching us little facts about his team, himself, and his family. The whole 5th grade class was surprised that a football player was our student teacher.  Instead of playing football when he is an adult he wants to be a teacher. He gets good grades and he is very smart.

We threw a surprise birthday party for Mr. Pinto. He was so shocked. He left in 2006.  We will miss him but he will be back soon.

UPDATE!!!  Some of us went to see Mr. Pinto play football (see above). He plays nose tackle on defense. They WON! The score was 42 to 14!