Mozart Recycles!

This is the first year the Mozart school has been recycling. We mostly recycle paper, we might start recycling other things. Every single grade puts paper in a box and every Wednesday some third and fourth graders get the boxes from each classroom and put the paper in a big recycling bin located on the side of our school. Recycling is a good thing because we save our environment.

We were competing with some other schools to see who can recycle the most.   All the kids are suppose to bring about 100 lbs. per student.  In April we had a recycling rally.  If you brought paper you would be rewarded.  The recycling cheerleaders did their recycling cheers in front of everyone.We hope that the WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART  SCHOOL wins the recycling contest!

Update: Even though we're the smallest school we won 1st place!  Mayor Menino came and gave the school a check for $1000!!!