Fifth grade athlete projects

In February, 2009 the fifth grade class presented their athlete projects. Some people the children studied are,

  • Michelle Kwan (figure skater) 2 people.
  • Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer)
  • Tiger Woods (Golf)
  • Mia Hamm (Soccer)
  • Arthur Ashe ( Tennis)
  • Bonnie Blare ( Speed Skater)
  • Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  • Candace Parker (Basketball)
  • Rebecca Lobo (Basketball)
  • Wilma Rudolph (Track)
  • Jackie Robinson (Baseball)
  • Bobby Orr (Hockey)
  • Lisa Leslie (Basketball)

We had interesting visuals! Tiger Woods brought in a mini golf set, one of the Michelle Kwans brought in a leotard as a skating outfit, and ice skates. Babe Ruth brought in a baseball bat, Bobby Orr brought in a jersey and a hockey stick, etc.

The class posing as their Athletes

Tiger Woods

Mia Hamm
Michelle Kwan meet Michelle Kwan