Fifth Grade Book Reviews

Here are some books that we have been reading.

So Far From The Bamboo Grove
an auto biography  by
Yoko Kawashima Watkins

    The book So far From the Bamboo Grove talks about a family escaping from northern Korea and traveling to Japan. the family travels while being apart and face many hardships including the lost of a loved one.
    This is the best immigration book I have ever read honestly. It has every detail a good immigration book needs. If anybody else has my sense of opinion, I am sure you will love this book too.

Onion  Tears
By: Diana Kidd

    This book Onion Tears is about a girl  name  Nam - Huong. She is from Vietnam. This was the time of the Vietnam war. I loved this book because  she started to make friends. I like that the book is related to the tittle. She never cries on her own. It was always the onion that makes her cry. She is trying to get to Australia by boat. Does she make it to Australia? Read the book to fine out.

                                                                   The Girl with the White Flag
                                                                                      By Tomiko Higa

     I just finished the book The Girl with the White Flag. It was great. It is about a girl who try to move to a different part of Japan to get away from the war. Her name is Tomiko and she tries to overcome her hardships to get to the southern tip of Okinawa. But if you do not like books with a lot of violence then you would not want to read this book and if you do not like sad books then you would not want to read this book. I thought this book was great and you might to. Read the book to see what happens to Tomiko.

     Journey to America
By; Sonia Levitin

    I would recommend that this is not a good book because nothing really goes on in the book. This book gets really boring. for me I do not like it. It is about a family going to America. The people who are in the book are the Mom the Dad and the 3 girls named Lisa Ruth and the smallest sister Ainne.  The family came from Germany. They do not really do anything. If you do not like boring books don't read it.  I would never like this book.

                           The Orphan of Eliss Island

    The book The Orphan of Eliss Island is very, very interesting and I would recommend this book to anyone. The book is about a boy named Dominic an immigrant from Italy. Dominic faces many problems and hardships when he came to America. One of the hardships is that Dominic has no friends or family, they passed away. Will Dominic ever overcome those problems? Find out when you read The Orphan of Eliss Island by Elivaria Woodruff.